The Paternal Grandparents

I did not meet my father for the first time until I was - I forget how old exactly - 19? 20? Something like that. It wasn't a nice experience. For reasons detailed elsewhere in this blog I ended up back in the town of my birth, where I met my father and his parents … Continue reading The Paternal Grandparents


Uncle P

Well, damn. Compared to most, this entry is going to be short. Uncle P died last night. This comes at a wonderful time, as my grandmother is in the hospital, having been taken there by ambulance 5 days ago, and I am pretty sure she's going to die any day now. I hope the stress … Continue reading Uncle P

The Typical Absent Father

    My father was such a non-entity in my life that it almost didn't occur to me to devote a blog entry to him. But then I figured, is he not after all just one more poignant example of what a shit-show my life really is? He certainly is. My grandmother is an enabler. She … Continue reading The Typical Absent Father