woe (and a touch of the ole self pity)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woe_4gkS4XU Top comment: "This shit is so dark, even the URL says woe." This song pretty much sums up how I am feeling tonight. The big snow has come.  My grandmother is dying.  When she goes I will be all alone - there will be nobody left.  My friend's uncle died today.  He got bitchy … Continue reading woe (and a touch of the ole self pity)


Online Friends

I don't do so well with real world friends, but I do manage to maintain a couple of online friendships.  I've lost some too, just never bothered, yet, to blog about those people. Nobody is up to my speed, though!  I still haven't found "my" person, and I am doubting that I ever will.  Online … Continue reading Online Friends

The Misandry Amplification

I am an idiot, which I have already confessed here multiple times.  Sadly, the trend continues.  I hate being a person.  I hate whatever God or Alien or code developer that "made" me. https://youtu.be/wHGN-fAkk5Y I told myself years ago back when I used to spend way too much time in Second Life that online romances … Continue reading The Misandry Amplification

Strange Dudes, Dull Days and Other Calamities

I have been neglecting this blog again, shame shame. I'm frustrated again because I want to blog and again, my stupid naturally nocturnal sleep cycle is fucking me up. This happens again and again and again. It is an on-going, hellish struggle. That damned bitch Marsha on the bus (and others - but mainly Marsha)  … Continue reading Strange Dudes, Dull Days and Other Calamities

Waking Up is Hard (and Horrible)!

This won't be a cleverly named blog entry about conspiracy theories or politics or anything like that. Not that kind of "woke" No. It is quite literal - waking up is HARD.  😦 And horrible. Lately I have noticed that when I wake up - especially in a manner that is unpleasant - I have … Continue reading Waking Up is Hard (and Horrible)!

Petty Drivel

Today I created a new menu category on this blog called Daily Drivel. Here is where I shall post, (surprisingly), daily drivel. Mundane stuff that I feel like venting about but can't even really do so even on my fake Facebook without looking like an asshole. For example: My grandmother has gotten too fancy for leftovers. Now … Continue reading Petty Drivel