I am going to whip out several quickies for the I Can't Keep a Friend series. Dunham was an asshole. The kind of "friend" who will only hang out with you if you have weed, and who will talk shit about you behind your back. Dunham was the kind of guy who would try to … Continue reading Dunham

Sister Mine, Part II

Yesterday seemed to be all about the goddamned Princess. God damn it! It's enough to wither a soul! First, she sent grandmother a Mother's Day card but she tried to get cute about it - she had it written in a strange hand and with no return address. I knew what it was anyway... immediately... Mother's … Continue reading Sister Mine, Part II

Intended Future Topics or Events

I have had an incredibly stressful day and I am exhausted. I laid down for 45 minutes, but sleep, she is an elusive bitch tonight. I am what I call "squishy-headed" and really not sentient enough to attempt an actual coherent blog entry; and since I often find myself contemplating topics or events to write about … Continue reading Intended Future Topics or Events