Satanic Rituals in the Old Country Barn

This is another true story from my particularly marvelous childhood. In the late 80's there were three girls in my grade  - the 7th grade - that I hung out with, and two other girls in the grade below us that we hung out with. The 6 of us all hung out together. Little snots, … Continue reading Satanic Rituals in the Old Country Barn


Thelma and Louise

I have been neglecting this blog again - I have been feeling sicker than hell for weeks. I don't know if it's from GMO frankenfood, or if it's from the fresh new blacktop parking lot that just got rolled out 2 blocks away, or if it's from how goddamned pesticide-happy this town is, or if … Continue reading Thelma and Louise

The Typical Absent Father

    My father was such a non-entity in my life that it almost didn't occur to me to devote a blog entry to him. But then I figured, is he not after all just one more poignant example of what a shit-show my life really is? He certainly is. My grandmother is an enabler. She … Continue reading The Typical Absent Father