Let's do another for the I Can't Keep a Friend series! Well, technically, I am still "friends " with Rhonda. On Facebook. But we never, ever talk or comment on each other's statuses. Ever. We just rub each other the wrong way. Strange, I guess, since she was my best friend all through high school. After … Continue reading Rhonda


The Spooky Graveyard

This is a true story. As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog, as a young adult fresh out of high school, I ended up moving back to the town of my conception and birth, in order to see the cleft lip and palate specialist that had repaired me as a baby. I was there to … Continue reading The Spooky Graveyard

"Make my black heart sing Through all the suffering" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5MQTRgjBc0 I'm feeling conflicted, and yes, rather black-hearted at the moment. I should get some sleep, but I seldom make the right choices, so why start now? My reality sucks. It really, sincerely sucks. I have literally NO real-world friends, they're all online. I haven't had … Continue reading