The Lonely Sucka-Foo’

Here's another sad tale for the “I Can’t Keep a Friend!” series! After a series of unfortunate events, in my early 20's I found myself homeless in Seattle. This was back when Beyonce was still just a member of Destiny's Child, and Britney and Justin ruled the world. This was back before the world would watch … Continue reading The Lonely Sucka-Foo’


A Pedophile’s Dream

I can't keep a friend! Seriously, I am incapable. This makes me wonder if I am just a horrible, insufferable bitch, but then again, when I contemplate the actual stories involved in the dissolution of multiple friendships - stories that I will share here - I contemplate two other possibilities. It is possible that I am just an … Continue reading A Pedophile’s Dream


EDIT 4/6/2017 - I REVOKE EVERYTHING THAT I SAID HERE! FUN HAS TURNED TO SHIT! AGAIN!!!! EDIT 4/16/2017 - I hid that blog entry (linked above!) because it was - so foul-mouthed and obnoxious and venomous! - oh it was awful! - I was so goddamn mad - livid for hours! - but the site … Continue reading Fun!