I suppose I should start here, as she is the greatest lament of them all. Wow, imagine that, huh? How Freudian. What are the odds? At this point I suppose it would be appropriate to say that she was the greatest lament of them all. She finally got around to killing herself "the right way" in … Continue reading Mother


~ Method to my Madness! ~

I have decided that instead of an attempt at chronology, I will instead use the categories feature to lament my great and terrible laments in individual posts, and in each post I shall attempt to harp on about one specific lament; it will be difficult but I will try to avoid as much as I … Continue reading ~ Method to my Madness! ~

Reverie Disrupted. x(

Well, damn it all to hell. I was trying to escape my wretched reality by smoking a little of the ole sweet leaf and drifting off into a pleasant reverie; a silly little fantasy starring Joaquin Phoenix and my brother (who does not exist). (No, they were not screwing, it was a fantasy of a.... conversational … Continue reading Reverie Disrupted. x(