Everything is Poisoned

EDIT:  I wrote this 14 months ago and I never published it.  I am going to publish it now, as is.  Also, Marsha has since died.  Surprise, surprise.  😒 💀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poison Girl? Try poisoned girl. I am poisoned.  (I have MCS).  The last couple of days have been pretty horrible.  I am poisoned; and very very … Continue reading Everything is Poisoned



I just finished updating my most recent blog entry about a couple of idiot men that I met online.  At the end of it I was ruminating upon my hermitdom and about how I sometimes wish I weren't so alone.  I wish for One.  A lover or a friend, either would be great, but One … Continue reading Therese

My Nightmare – A Pedophile’s Dream Part II

This is a continuation of sorts of my blog entry from two years ago, which I called "A Pedophile's Dream".  This blog entry was written as a message for Toby's step-sister Hannah after she got quite quite angry at me after I posted a Facebook status about Doll-Baby (who is referred to as "that stupid … Continue reading My Nightmare – A Pedophile’s Dream Part II

Mr. Necronomicon Grandpa Canadian Boyfriend and Mr. Encyclopedia Dramatica

I've written a few times here about the guy I call Mr. Encyclopedia Dramatica, or Mr. E D.  I call him that because the damned fool idiot is proud that there is a page about him and his asinine activities on The Encyclopedia Dramatica website. He is almost a decade younger than I am.  I … Continue reading Mr. Necronomicon Grandpa Canadian Boyfriend and Mr. Encyclopedia Dramatica


It's been two and  a half weeks since Minoo died.  I got weepy about that as recently as today, but maybe I can write this now without booger-snotting myself all up over it. Even though it has little to do with this particular blog entry (and all of these cats are dead now)→  want to … Continue reading Minoo

She’s Crazy and I Don’t Matter

I have discussed elsewhere in this blog what I call my grandmother's "Lynn Trip."  She lived next door to some monkey-lipped old bitch named Lynn for 25 years.  During this time she was convinced that Lynn was not only coming into her house and stealing from her, but that she was also sucking my grandfather's … Continue reading She’s Crazy and I Don’t Matter

Unbelievable Part II

I really thought I was done with the "Dreamscope" section of this blog. Evidently I'm not.  Funny, since I bailed out on Dreamscope almost 5 months ago.  I had stated in what I really thought WAS my last entry about Dreamscope that I had experienced petty issues with other users and was irrationally jealous of my … Continue reading Unbelievable Part II

Strange Dudes, Dull Days and Other Calamities

I have been neglecting this blog again, shame shame. I'm frustrated again because I want to blog and again, my stupid naturally nocturnal sleep cycle is fucking me up. This happens again and again and again. It is an on-going, hellish struggle. That damned bitch Marsha on the bus (and others - but mainly Marsha)  … Continue reading Strange Dudes, Dull Days and Other Calamities

Trying to Understand (and Failing)

Social media has been abuzz all day - well, yesterday, now since it is past midnight - about the apparent suicide of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. This coincided with, and some people believe may have even been triggered by, the fact that it was also the birthday of his friend and Soundgarden and Audioslave … Continue reading Trying to Understand (and Failing)