The House Fire

This is another one of the old traumas, and I was going to glom it onto another blog entry that I will eventually write about time spent homeless, but after some reconsideration I decided it was a major and interestingly detailed enough of an event to warrant its own blog entry, even though it did … Continue reading The House Fire


Intended Future Topics or Events

  I have had an incredibly stressful day and I am exhausted. I laid down for 45 minutes, but sleep, she is an elusive bitch tonight. I am what I call "squishy-headed" and really not sentient enough to attempt an actual coherent blog entry; and since I often find myself contemplating topics or events to write … Continue reading Intended Future Topics or Events

Homelessness, Part I

I have been homeless twice in my life. I posses a deep-seated terror that I may someday experience Part III. My counselor assures me that I won't. Man, I hope she's right. Homelessness Part I occurred while I was still in high school. Due to the trauma inflicted upon me by my Aunt Francie, I ran … Continue reading Homelessness, Part I

Sister, Mine

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Fuck you, too! Fuck you, too! I suppose it is fitting that I should write this entry today, as it is my sister's birthday. I was forced to finally estrange her in July 2015. So, today marks the second time that I haven't had to indulge her in her silly tradition. Every year … Continue reading Sister, Mine

I Hate Rooney Mara

I hate Rooney Mara! I've been living the shit-splattered life I've been born into and meanwhile... Is it enough that she was born into a football dynasty family with a collective net worth of nearly 3 BILLION dollars? No. She also had to be beautiful. Is it enough that she was born filthy rich AND … Continue reading I Hate Rooney Mara