When Fun turns to Shit

This, this blog entry right here encapsulates this whole blog. What it boils down to is that I am just not allowed to have nice things, or joy, or even fleeting pleasure. I'm just not. This happens again and again. The Born Loser - that dude has it easy. The dude hasn't got a thing on me. This … Continue reading When Fun turns to Shit

Brief Rant

The internet is pissing me off today - the Dreamscope website owner and developer (who I found out is also involved in the creation of a facial recognition app for Google Glass - creepy!) is doing his absolute best to alienate his constant users and fuck his formerly awesome website all up (and he's doing … Continue reading Brief Rant


I swear, I really do feel somehow singled out for bullshit, all of the time! Here, we have another example. I am happily playing with the Dreamscope site, which is one of my favorite hobbies and time-wasters. I enjoy making the pictures but I also enjoy seeing how many likes my images accrue, and watching … Continue reading Unbelievable

Reverie Disrupted. x(

Well, damn it all to hell. I was trying to escape my wretched reality by smoking a little of the ole sweet leaf and drifting off into a pleasant reverie; a silly little fantasy starring Joaquin Phoenix and my brother (who does not exist). (No, they were not screwing, it was a fantasy of a.... conversational … Continue reading Reverie Disrupted. x(