Unbelievable Part II

I really thought I was done with the “Dreamscope” section of this blog. Evidently I’m not.  Funny, since I bailed out on Dreamscope almost 5 months ago.  I had stated in what I really thought WAS my last entry about Dreamscope that I had experienced petty issues with other users and was irrationally jealous of my own work.  Well I was being glib; I was trying to minimize the anger that I felt at one particular woman.   This woman – well…

For the nearly 2 years that I was at Dreamscope she was always stealing my ideas as well as my images!  If I’m doing images of pretty girls she has to do pretty girls, too. Right down to the hyper-specifics – I was doing images of Gemma Ward and Cintia Dicker, all of the sudden she’s doing a bunch of Gemma Wards and Cintia Dickers.  Seriously?!!  She was maybe not in every case doing the exact same images, but definitely the exact same models.   Gemma and Cintia are pretty unmistakably recognizable, what with being top models and all.  OK, enough of the pretty girls, I’ll do dragonflies.  What?  Now she’s doing dragonflies?  Sigh, fine, I’ll do a cute little calf – oh hell, did she REALLY just do a cow right now?  OK bloody damn it I’ll do wizards!  Oh for the love of… now she’s doing bloody damned wizards.  I’ll try celestial stuff and… oh she just posted a moon.  I’ll try carousel horses!  Aaaand… yep!  She just posted a carousel horse.  Imagine my surprise?!  Can ya?  Fo’ realz doh!

Ok I’ll try rustic-looking old cabins in overgrown fields and…

Do you see where I am going with this?  Of course you do.

She has also copied me when I did seahorses, foxes, deer, Indians, old gnarled bearded men, castles, mermaids, etc. – whatever I do she copies it.  No I don’t have the technical “rights” to those images, I found them by spending hours pouring over the internet for them; but all the same that doesn’t change the fact that what she is doing is low and shitty and it SUCKS!  In many cases I cropped, edited, tinted, recolored or otherwise manipulated the images that I found in order to fit my needs, and – surprise, surprise, surprise! – her rip-off versions reflect those exact manipulations!

Oscar Wilde said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”  Do you know what else imitation is?  Especially imitation of an incessant, relentless, blatant, thieving  nature?

It is infuriating!!!

When I started at Dreamscope – shit, I don’t even know how long ago now – 2 years ago? – it was strictly images and a certain amount of anonymity.  You could see the work and usernames of other users but there was no way to communicate with them, and when you got a “like” all you knew is that somebody somewhere liked your work.  When you “liked” somebody else’s stuff, all they knew is that somebody somewhere had liked their work. There was no “who” to it.  It was all wonderfully anonymous.  And then – ew – the Dreamscope developers started ruining their wonderful site.  They started ruining it badly.  First, off fucked anonymity.

Hours Later –

I put a ton of energy the last few days into being angry about this Bonnie woman stealing my art on Dreamscope.  I have put enough energy into it now and have become bored with writing this.  So, basically I’ll tell that I burned her on Dreamscope by uploading the evidence of the work she stole from me and then directing everybody to it.  A few people attacked me but most of them were very supportive. It ended up being a 140 comment thread about the scandal and at the end of it they were calling it “BonnieGate”.  Since then several other users – I lost count, at least 5 or 6 have come forward and said that she stole their work, too.

I uploaded 10 instances of her theft to my profile for everyone to see.


If comes a day that this link is dead, it will most likely be because I pissed the developers off.  at the same time I was scandalizing Bonnie I was also directing all of their users to another, better site.  Especially the users that Bonnie hates.

She found the new site where I play now and I can’t begin to tell you how much that pisses me off.  Seeing her stupid face and name rolling down the feed. It makes me livid.  Another user at Dreamscope have emailed the developers of the new site and told her about how she stole from them, too.  I wish the developers would put a foot in her ass.


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