All of the Sudden I Didn’t Give a Shit

Dreamscope pissed me off again, and the developers continue to prove that they don’t give a shit about making the site a fair place. PC users and mobile users pay the same price, but mobile users get a LOT more features and benefits, including 7 free days – a trial. If you’re on a PC, fuck you and fuck your week trial, too.

That’s just for starters, and if I still cared I’d probably detail it with great precision and angst – you may have noticed that that is my modus operandi.

After getting pissed off over a myriad of ongoing issues, everything from the asshole developers to the unfairness of the site’s voting practices, (real, not imagined and SEVERAL users are pissed off about it and yet emails go ignored), to the petty issues I experience with other users, and being irrationally jealous of my own work as well, I found myself livid again. Then one of them unfriended and blocked me on Facebook. She claimed some happy bullshit about how I posted something profane to her wall and jeopardized her husband’s new job with his employer. Absolute crap! I tagged her down in the comments section of something. I know how the fuck Facebook works. If you tag somebody up at the top – BEFORE you publish the post – it will post to their wall. If you tag them down in the comments section, it will NOT post to their wall, but it will notify them to look at the post on YOUR wall. That’s how Facebook works! If you’re foolish enough to doubt me, go test the theory for your damn self.

Since I am paid in until August 4th (and have already blew off 11 paid days just out of sheer disenchantment) I decided to play for a bit and just ended up pissed off again. I was going to go back in tonight and just flood the stupid feed for one last time and then flake off, but as I was preparing to do so, scrolling down my own page for old filters and opening Pinterest in order to look for new ones, I realized that I didn’t even want to anymore. The fun is gone. the disenchantment is complete.

All of the sudden I didn’t give a shit. I really am done.

I have 21 days – 3 weeks! Left of my paid subscription and I do not expect that I shall even use them. So, these rich developer assholes basically get my $10 for nothing. It’s only $10, I’ll survive it, but it sucks and it pisses me off.

It sucks because I enjoyed it and I was really good at it. I was one of the best. 😦

In conclusion:


You’re better off playing with or


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