Petty Drivel

Today I created a new menu category on this blog called Daily Drivel. Here is where I shall post, (surprisingly), daily drivel. Mundane stuff that I feel like venting about but can’t even really do so even on my fake Facebook without looking like an asshole.

For example: My grandmother has gotten too fancy for leftovers. Now she wants to eat new food all the time which forces me to eat the leftovers – all of them – or they get wasted. This is bullshit and I told her so. This makes me a mean and horrible person.

For example: Ever since I saw a certain little pig-faced bitch at the store earlier this week, I have been having black hearted thoughts about her. The worst. Wishing she’d get herself hit by a car or kidnapped by human traffickers or something. Or maybe go down to my swimming hole (which I basically handed to the little bitch), and get her ample ass bit by a snake. Or something. Just horrible thoughts. I don’t like it when my thoughts turn this black but she cost me my friendship with what I had quite errantly thought what the one person who would be my friend ’til the end – but again, I don’t get to have that in my life. I hate him too. It’s a moot point because I would never be dating somebody who was special in the head enough to ever randomly maul him, or any of my friends (you know, if I had any) but if I ever did date a guy that stupid (I wouldn’t) you can sure as fuck bet that guy would hear about it if he randomly mauled my friend. He’d hear about it a lot. At length, lividly, and vividly. I’d most likey dump him over it. But this asshole? My so-called life-long friend? His weak ass didn’t have a word to say about it – so fuck him, too. Literally. Not. One. Word. Little special baby is his pedophile’s dream, so she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

What the hell is wrong with me that I ever tried to remain friends with him, anyway, what with his alleged pedophilia incident and subsequent prison sentence and all? If the truth were told, at the heart of it lies a most horrible selfishness – I wanted to see VAC and I wanted to see NYC.  I had never seen either, and “forgiving him” for something he hadn’t done to me or mine made that possible.special But it was deeper than that – he was my friend since we were 5 fucking years old. Oh well. Fuck him. I knew I was going to run into those assholes at the store sooner or later – and I probably will again. I guess he’s just a stranger now. A stranger who, alongside his piggy, turns my stomach on sight. Jesus Christ, my stupid bitch of a mother finally gets around to dying, and between the pedos and their baby toys, I still can’t turn around in this town without feeling punched in the stomach! One of them even gets to be in the fucking St. Patrick’s Day and 4th of July parades leading a painted-hoofed pony with a little girl on its back!

For example: Dreamscope continues to piss me off and I don’t think I’m going to pay into it again. Maybe I’ll bail out altogether. Why not? I liked it and I was good at it. However, the developers and certain other users keep finding tiny little ways to piss me off. The goddamn fun bleeds out of everything that I try to enjoy – everything! – and even though it is foul-mouthed af, I think I may make my angry rant about that particular website viewable again after my paid month expires (it is hidden for now).

EDIT 5/30/2017 – It is publicly viewable again. Why not. Fuck it. After my paid access expires in 5 days, I’m not paying back in again, even if it is only $10 a month and I really enjoyed it. The developers cannot be bothered to make the site fair to PC users – mobile users have access to a ton of benefits and features that are not available to PC users yet PC users are expected to pay the same price? Never mind the reduced quality issues. Fuck them and fuck that. It’s just one more example of EVERY THING that I enjoy being turned to shit. Par for the course, as I say.

So… this is the kind of stuff I’ll be bitching about in this new Daily Drivel category.


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