I Hate Rooney Mara

I hate Rooney Mara!

I’ve been living the shit-splattered life I’ve been born into and meanwhile…

Is it enough that she was born into a football dynasty family with a collective net worth of nearly 3 BILLION dollars?

No. She also had to be beautiful.

Is it enough that she was born filthy rich AND beautiful?

No! Of course it’s still not enough yet!

Now she gets to date MY celebrity crush (Joaquin Phoenix).


Fuck you, Rooney Mara, I fucking hate you.

Is it immature of me to feel this way? Unreasonable? At my age, even pathetic?

Probably. But fuck it.


The film Mary Magdalene is bound to SUCK and I hope it tanks big time at the box office.


Sigh. Because my life is what it is, watch it sweep the 2018 Oscars.


(On the upside, Rooney is far less embarrassing than the DJ Allie Teilz). 😀

Oh! And we must not forget THIS:


…because nothing says “true love” quite like getting your assholes irrigated together.  😯

EDIT 5/29/2017 – Look at her ridiculous face. Just LOOK at it.

EDIT 3/13/2017 – I’ve changed my mind about her being beautiful. Is she better looking than me? – Absolutely. Unfortunately. But beautiful? No. She looks like a bitchy little mouse with a bad case of ET neck. Her sister Kate is much closer to “beautiful” and even she falls short of it. Is Kate very, very pretty? Sure. Beautiful? Maybe to some people – but not to me.

She was closer to beautiful years ago with her natural hair – before she starting fucking it all up. Why would anybody with natural hair like that crop it all off and bleach it various shades of brown and blond? What role could be worth the mutilation of that glorious hair? – besides, she’s a Mara. It’s hardly like she needs the money.

Obviously the Mara girls are not very bright – either one of them.

1red_Kate Mara



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