I swear, I really do feel somehow singled out for bullshit, all of the time!

Here, we have another example. I am happily playing with the Dreamscope site, which is one of my favorite hobbies and time-wasters. I enjoy making the pictures but I also enjoy seeing how many likes my images accrue, and watching them move up the main page, which is sorted by the number of likes the images being submitted in real time are getting.

Currently, I have over 3100 images on my profile. I have been at this for months now. Maybe even a half a year or more. In this time, I have seen many, many pornographic images being generated by other users of the site. The boldest images that I have used maybe showed a bit of a nipple through fabric.

Tonight, all of my my images disappeared from the main page, and my new images refused to generate there. I emailed the site owner/admin/whoever/guy and he responded with this bit of horseshit:

First of all, love your profile. You were autobanned because of this image: 
The rule is: If you would feel uncomfortable showing this to a middle 
school child, then it should be marked as "private". 
I can whitelist you once you delete that image and can assure that 
more like it won't be posted in the future.


That would be good… great! If he were trying to clean up his site. But at the same time I am “in trouble” for the image shown above, I am seeing in the live feed, recently generated images of bare breasts, penises, men having anal sex, and a cum-splattered bare ass.

Meanwhile a cloth-covered nipple on the image that I used is a problem.



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