EDIT 4/16/2017 – I hid that blog entry (linked above!) because it was – so foul-mouthed and obnoxious and venomous! – oh it was awful! – I was so goddamn mad – livid for hours! – but the site developers are behaving reasonably now and working to fix their fuck-ups and I don’t really want to stir shit with them, so I hid the blog entry. If they piss me off again it might become viewable again. Who knows.

EDIT 7/19/2017 – Everything has gone so well that I now have a category devoted entirely to just how bad Dreamscope really sucks! Yay! So anyway this and all Dreamscope related rants are being re-categorized to accommodate this wonderful new sub-menu. 😄


I have been dreadfully negligent of this blog.  I blame 3 particular websites.

They all do pretty much the same thing, but with varying degrees of fun and success.

These sites are:                                                                                         

I have made literally thousands of images. It is addictive and fun. Sometimes the results are a mess, and sometimes they are very beautiful.

Ostagram makes the highest quality images but results can take days or even weeks (!) to process, and they “punish” you by pushing you back in the processing queue if you want to delete a shitty image result. They do however have a system in which you can “like” pleasing images, and you can view the most liked images sorted by daily, weekly, monthly, and for all-time most liked images. You can see how many “likes” your images have received. The feed shows images as they are being processed, and is ever-changing.  There are links to see the Best Of lists, which is not the regular feed.

Deepart usually takes no longer than an hour to process an image, and sometimes it’s nowhere near that long, often it can take just a few minutes. The results are nice, but overall inferior to ostagram. Deepart does not “punish” you if you wish to delete a shitty image result. There is a front page in which you can “like” images, but it is stagnant, it never moves. On Ostragram and Dreamscope, the front page is ever changing.  Also frustrating is that in Deepart, I see no way to see which of my images have been liked, or how many likes I have, or if I even have any likes.

I have used Dreamscope the most. Over a period of approximately 5 months I have made over 2600 images there, well, 2600 “successful” images, which I opted to keep. I have no idea how many hundreds of shitty images I deleted, as Dreamscope also does not “punish” you for deleting shitty images. Best of all, you can usually get your results in 20 seconds to 3 minutes. It is very fast. The front page is ever-changing, sorted by most-liked at the top and then recently processed images below the liked ones. What sucks is that you can see how many likes you have, but after they fall off the front page, you can’t see which of your images have how many likes, unless you look at your own account from an alternate account. It’s a real pain in the ass. Also, lately images are breaking, refusing to process. I emailed them and they said they’d remove the broken images right away, but they are still there.  After not playing for days, I played some more tonight; I made some nice images, but then sure enough, the images started breaking again. Just plain refusing to process. You can’t delete them yourself, either, so they just sit there eternally with the damned hourglass spinning. It is infuriating and it mucks up your profile/picture collection with junk, but that’s just par for the course in my life.

I really liked it, so, of course it is going to start fucking up. :/

You can view my Dreamscope album here:

If you join, “like” some of my images by clicking the heart in the upper right corner. …Thanks. ❤

I’ll post a few of my more pleasing results… (click on an image for full-size)


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